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How do you produce cannabinoids?

LAVVAN’s fermentation-based technology employs natural biosynthesis to produce CBD and other more rare cannabinoids that are molecularly identical to those found in the cannabis plant. Created in a cGMP facility, LAVVAN increases product purity while minimizing production costs and exposure to contaminants, thereby enabling industries of all types to create consistent, safe and commercial-grade cannabinoid-based products. Learn more about our process here.

Is biosynthesis a natural process?

Biosynthesis is a natural manufacturing process performed by all cells to make complex compounds out of raw nutrients. In nature, a cannabis plant uses biosynthesis to produce cannabinoids, such as cannabidiol (CBD).

What markets are you serving?

We provide high-quality, cost effective cannabinoid ingredients for the health, beauty, food and beverage and pharmaceutical markets.

What is cellular agriculture?

Cellular agriculture offers an alternative production system that creates agricultural products from cell cultures using a combination of biosynthesis and fermentation. Utilizing large vessels of individual cells, ingredients can be grown and harvested with precision to serve a variety of in-market applications. The science behind LAVVAN’s fermentation-based platform is already proven and has successfully created ingredients for health, beauty, food and beverage and pharmaceutical products.

What is your current relationship with Amyris?

In March 2019, LAVVAN formed a partnership with Amyris (NASDAQ:AMRS), a global leader in the development and commercialization of biosynthetic ingredients, to unlock the full potential of the cannabinoid family of molecules. LAVVAN has the exclusive and global rights to produce, market and distribute the cannabinoids developed under this partnership.

How is sustainability built into the production process?

Agriculture, along with forestry and other land use activities, accounts for 24% of global greenhouse gas emissions. LAVVAN’s fermentation-based technology allows for operational efficiency, eliminating the substantial consumption of energy and water required by growing cannabis plants with traditional agriculture methods at scale. In addition, LAVVAN can produce high-quality, pure cannabinoid ingredients without displacing large areas of farmland better suited for food production.

How is LAVVAN’s team equipped to lead the next generation of cannabinoids production?

LAVVAN is led by leaders across the cannabis, pharmaceutical and food & beverage industries. Our unparalleled leadership includes numerous former members of the senior executive team of MedReleaf, the company which helped to give birth to the emerging global cannabis industry and was acquired in 2018 for $2.5 billion. In collaboration with our industry-leading partners, LAVVAN is now poised to bring about the next evolution for the cannabis industry.

How are you legally manufacturing cannabinoid ingredients?

All R&D and manufacturing will be conducted in compliance with all regional and federal regulations regarding controlled substances.

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