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Advanced Cellular Agriculture

LAVVAN is the future of the cannabinoid ingredient market.

Our Process

LAVVAN is paving the way to a significant supply of cannabinoids with highly scalable and consistent science-based technology.

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Step 1

The science behind naturally occurring biosynthesis

Biosynthesis is a manufacturing process performed naturally by all cells to make complex compounds out of raw nutrients. In nature, a cannabis plant uses biosynthesis to produce cannabidiol (CBD) and other cannabinoids. However, as it turns out, the plant is a relatively inefficient and inconsistent source for these molecules.

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Step 2

Enter LAVVAN, the next generation of cannabinoids

LAVVAN’s fermentation-based technology harnesses the power of advanced cellular agriculture to create a platform that allows us to craft a variety of natural cannabinoids that are identical to those found in the cannabis plant.

This unique and repeatable process results in products that are free from contaminants and chemicals that are often found in traditional agriculture.

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Step 3

Safe, High-Quality, and Consistent

Our cellular agriculture platform provides consistently pure cannabinoid ingredients, guaranteeing that pesticides, mold and bacteria are never present.

Using our pure ingredients, LAVVAN cannabinoids can also be combined to create unique formulations for specific clinical utility.

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Step 4

Highly scalable

Our precise approach gives us the ability to scale-up production rapidly to meet the growing demand for cannabinoid compounds.

Cannabinoids Reimagined

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Utilizing advanced cellular agriculture, LAVVAN’s platform mitigates issues such as consistency, potency and sustainable supply that have tempered global industry players from advancing plans to introduce cannabinoids into their products.

We produce cannabinoids in a cGMP manufacturing facility designed for enhanced quality control and precision production.

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Traditional agricultural production of cannabinoid ingredients is time-consuming, capital-intensive and fraught with consistency, risk and sustainability concerns.

Our standardized process mitigates these issues and avoids the possible contamination that is associated with the traditional agriculture process.

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Trusted, consumer-facing brands active in health, beauty, food and beverage and pharmaceutical markets need secure sources for their cannabinoid ingredients.

We produce consistent, high-quality cannabinoid ingredients to keep pace with the anticipated increase in demand.

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